Product overview

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Eletta manufacure Flow Monitors and Flow Meters of three types;

  • Flow Meters and Flow Monitors based on the differential pressure principle with an orifice-plate 
  • Flow Switches with variable area
  • Flow Switch of paddle type 

The first mentioned group is the most dominating from both technical and commercial point of view. V-, S-, R-, D- and A-series are based on the same technical construction as the original Eletta patent. For 60 years they have proven to be most reliable and long lasting. See our video about the construction and measuring principle ».

Eletta gives you different types of mechanical end electro mechanical flow monitors and meters. In 2004 we introduced our M-series, a complete new type of electronical flow meter with orifice plate. By releasing this new model Eletta took a big step forward in development with regard to accuracy and flexibility.

Electronic DP
flow meter
Electronic mechanical
DP flow monitors
Electro mechanical
 DP flow monitors
M3-serien D-serien A-serien R-serien S-serien V-serien TIVG-serien
Mechanical DP
flow indicator S0
Flow switches with
variable flow passage area 

Paddle type 
S0-serien SP-G-serien SP-GA-serien EF-G-serien PR1-serien